4 Mar 2011

Social Intranet – The Intersection Diagram

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Andrew said...

This is a great diagram and demonstrates the aims that we put in place when we started to develop our MOOPLE.NET platform.

Perhaps the key driver behind the social intranet that is highlighted by this diagram is OWNERSHIP. One of the problems that I perceive with large scale portals, learning environments, etc. is the lack of ownership felt at the individual organisation, department, individual.

For each of the above they will want to make use of different aspects of the Social Intranet (as depicted above) at different times and with different emphasis on different parts of the intersecting elements.

If the social intranet model is to make an impact in a real way there needs to be structures that allow organisations, departments, subject teachers and individual learners to pick and choose their tools for social interaction and learning to suit their needs at a particular time in their lives and learning journeys.

That's what we have started to build in MOOPLE.NET, we're not there yet but we are moving in the right direction and this model gives a clear visualisation of the work we have been developing over the last 18 months.