10 Dec 2008

Employees Suck

John Buckman talked at Le Web ‘08 about entrepreneurship and self-employment. His advice for employees: quit your job, make intellectual goods and sell them for their true value. He provokes:

“You can be productive at a large company, if you are slightly talented or creative."
But what is his proposal? Get self-employed or become an entrepreneur! If you are interested you should listen to his presentation. If not – maybe the best is if you go back to your work. And if you want to become an entrepreneur? His proposal is “don’t quit your day job”.

Browsing his presentation on slideshare.com is recommended if you work in a startup or if you are an entrepreneur. A lot of advice like "do not borrow money" or "salespeople are a bad idea".

It’s not easy to decide to whether follow his advice or not. But it’s worth to think about it.

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Holger said...

geschriebene Worte zum Dirigenten Vortrag gibt es unter;


mit dem Interessanten Ansatz;


Grüße, Holger
(lese gerade " Wer auftritt muss spielen"),