10 Dec 2008

Connecting Through Happiness

Conductor Itay Talgam gave a really inspiring talk on leadership, connectivity and emergent structures at Le Web ’08. An orchestra is a good metaphor for collaboration:

“Conducting is somewhat different from being a manager. It has not exactly the same meaning as being chef or a leader. In orchestras the leader is the first violin player. But the conductor has another job. He has to make people connect. So it is about connectivity, about becoming a conductor to enable other people to work together.”

His presentation of management styles of different conductors, how they support, praise, encourage or punish the orchestra, give a lot of insight into leadership.

A complete workshop on this topic by Itay Talgam is available in three parts:

Itay Talgam on management styles (Part 1)
Itay Talgam on management styles (Part 2)
Itay Talgam on management styles (Part 3)

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