2 Jul 2008

Cloud Education

Judy Breck's keynote from Microlearning2008. It will make you reflect on how education is shaping to be in the near future. Her interactive presentation is here. Enjoy!

This transcript could be found via MAMK:

The node junction between web assets is the most important component of online learning.

As education now roars down the road into the dynamic cloud of open content, the proprietary aspects of learning can and likely will continue as underground enterprises. There will be confidential archives, some tutoring inside walled gardens, subscriptions journals (alas!), and distance learning for hire. Surely, there are aspects of education that should and always will remain private.

Nonetheless, the vast new open network that cloud computing is billowing up makes the open-one-web a stunning opportunity to deliver and optimize open knowledge to billions of people. The new generations will visit the cloud through their mobiles. The optimization will be done at the micro level of the content - which is why at the node junction lies the most important opportunity to give juice and trust to educational enlightenment.

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