29 Jun 2008

Managing Microinformation - What I have learned at Microlearning2008

MICROLEARNING2008 :: Microlearning & Capacity Building took place on June 25th-27th, 2008 in Innsbruck, Austria. A lot of exciting content was presented and - as nowadays common - also recorded. But today for recording you need not only a writing pad and/or a laptop but also a digital camera, a video camera, a sound recording unit, a mobile for streaming content (hopefully with a flat rate), or different kinds of other handheld devices ets. All these units produce some kind of content, and if you put all this information in a widget it could look like this one:


It seems to me the third wave of Web 2.0 is coming. This wave is not focused on blogs, Wikis and photo or video sharing (Web 2.1). It's also not longer only microblogging, social bookmarking and (community-) mashups (Web 2.2). It's now about lifestreams, collaborative tagging and filtering, streaming live information from mobile devices, widgetizing information (Web 2.3).

Web 2.0 has evolved from user generated content and collective intelligence to a new forms
of cooperation enabling and capacity building (eg. upgrading of performance abilities).

[Update 02.08.2008] Found a good example for Blogs (Web 2.1) vs. Lifestreams (Web 2.3): The Future of Blogging Revealed

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