21 Jul 2007

A Progressive Blogosphere

Chris Bowers article "New Establishment Rising? The End Of the Flat Blogosphere" raised important issues about the political blogosphere:

"As a result, what was once a fluid, "outsider" and "open" form of new media is now, quite possibly, crystallizing into a new "establishment" all its own."
The chances he described can be also observed in the corporate sphere. Traditionally blogging centered around the following five, ubiquitous characteristics:
  • Individual
  • Independent
  • Hobbies
  • Limited Communities
  • Less varied and original content
Bowers presents an "incomplete list of which blogs have departed from, or even developed entirely separately of, each of those five characteristics":
  • Group blogging is now the norm
  • Institutional blogs on the rise
  • Professional bloggers emerge
  • Self-Reinforcing communities
  • Moving beyond blogging

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