11 Jul 2007

The Future of the Web as Seen by its Creator

An interview at ITworld.com with Tim Berners-Lee on Web 2.0 and on his vision of the future Semantic Web:

"When I invented the Web, I thought of it as an infrastructure; I designed the Web as a foundation for many things. With Web 2.0, social networks and all kinds of things happen on top of it. When the Semantic Web arrives in the next few years, things will be using it in a way we cannot know yet. (...) For Web 3.0 to succeed, the people who are studying it at this moment will have ideas which will enable the new technology. They will design fantastic things just like people with Web 2.0 are designing fantastic things right now. People working with the Semantic Web will make much more powerful things. We can't imagine what they will do. But we have to build the Web to be an infrastructure."

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Anonymous said...

Yes, we already can imagine. Look at this technology.