25 Mar 2007

Web 2.0: To Little Innovation?

In the ZDNet blog "Between the Lines" Larry Dignan explains why he's just not seeing much innovation from the Web 2.0 crowd:

"The broader question may be whether many of the things that characterize Web 2.0–notably mashups, communities and setting up neat little feeds–are truly innovative. Perhaps the first use of Web 2.0 tools are innovative, but after that the copycats arrive. Why? Because Web 2.0 allows you to plug and play functionality. That's an innovative approach to things, but doesn't necessarily result in anything innovative per se."
Real innovators make jobs easier and businesses more profitable: "(..) the real innovation may come from the corporate space as enterprises use Web 2.0 tools in their applications," Dignan said.

According Christopher Fine, vice president of Goldman, Sachs & Company's Global Technology Division, enterprise technology should be conceived of more as "consumer technology". Consumer technology is the tail that wags the enterprise dog, a still untapped market opportunity for vendors who are starting to think this way.

[Update 26.03.2007] Just read this post at frogpond.de on the need of leveraging new ways of deployment of Web 2.0 in corporate environments.

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