5 Jan 2007

Outlook 2007 and Beyond - 10

Richard Scase has also top 10 trends for 2007. Here are two of his 10 trends:

  • "Small business start-up rates increase, especially among women and young people as they reject the management controls of large firms and seek for personal control and work-life balance."
  • "The old media companies continue in terminal decline as consumers create their own content and broadcast within communities of common interest (life style tribes)."
In a special interview for P3 magazine from Proudfoot Consulting Europe (Ltd), Richard Scase gives his take on what we can expect to see:
  • "Get to grips with the new iPod generation.
  • Create CafĂ© Corporations to inspire creativity and innovation.
  • Opt for leadership rather than traditional management.
  • Work in small teams which can be more responsive and flexible.
  • Forget the old demographic categories in favour of more relevant lifestyle tribes.
  • Always keep a close eye on global trends and new growth opportunities."
The interview can be downloaded here. Two illustrative podcasts covering these topics from Richard Scase's presentation at the Dresdner Future forum are available here. The full presentation is available here (short registration required).

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