11 Dec 2006

Web 2.0, new startups and Web 3.0

An article in The Guardian about Web 2.0, new startups and Web 3.0:

"The idea of the moment, over-hyped perhaps, is Web 2.0. Before it, according to the definition, the web was a 'lean back' experience like television, in which official content providers' websites would be passively consumed by the rest of us. No one quite agrees on the meaning of Web 2.0, but everyone thinks it has something to do with social networks and content generated by users - a 'lean forward' experience in which consumers become creators."
"The coffee shop has replaced the garage for internet start-ups. To rent a garage in San Francisco costs at least $100 a month, which people can't afford. It's also a social thing: people make business deals because they're sitting next to someone and start talking. In our case the three of us put in $5,000, but some companies can be set up for a few hundred dollars."
"If Web 2.0 put users at the centre, Web 3.0 is about an infrastructure that will give them new possibilities. It would be impossible for two geeks in a coffee shop to find the immense processing power needed to create the semantic web. But not for Google, with its huge array of talent and resources."

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