5 Nov 2006

Taking Web 2.0 to the Enterprise

Andrew McAfee, associate professor of technology and operations management at Harvard Business School, has five recommendations for IT managers:

  • Provide a forum or platform where employees can collaborate and communicate.
  • Set up an enterprise wiki and demonstrate it to influential people within the company to help drive interest in using it.
  • Set up internal blogs for all employees and incorporate them into internal directories so users can see who has a blog.
  • Try setting up an enterprise social bookmarking system so users can see what sort of content their colleagues are tagging on the Internet.
  • Be in on it from the beginning by making sure the right infrastructure is in place.

1 comment:

William Anderson said...

some great points. i'd add in, from an IT manager perspective, involvement in the new infrastructure.

one of the best ways for IT managers to get a new technology/solution/platform accepted within the enterprise is to become a champion by using it themselves.