30 Nov 2006

Online World As Important to Internet Users as Real World?

“The Internet has been a source of entertainment, information, and communication since the Web became available to the (...) public in 1994. However, in 2006 we are beginning to measure real growth and discover new directions for the Internet as a comprehensive tool (...) using to touch the world” said Jeffrey Cole, director of the University of Southern California's Annenberg School for Communication, which prepared the 2007 Digital Future Report.

The 2006 Digital Future Project found that Internet use is growing and evolving as an instrument for personal engagement – through blogs, personal Web sites, and online communities. Cole: "Users are saying, I want to be the source of information. It's the first time since the invention of the printing press that 'the many' are able to communicate back."

'User generated content' is not a fad, here are some of the report's findings:

  • 12.5% of Internet users have Web sites.
  • 7.4% of Internet users have blogs.
  • 41% of experienced Internet users said using the Web has reduced their TV viewing.
A summary of the report is here.

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