16 Sep 2006

Tagging Paper

This paper from C. Marlow, M. Naaman, M. Davis and d. boyd is entitled "HT06, Tagging Paper, Taxonomy, Flickr, Academic Article, ToRead." Wow, what a title for an academic paper!

This is from the abstract:

"In recent years, tagging systems have become increasingly popular. These systems enable users to add keywords (i.e., tags) to Internet resources (e.g., web pages, images, videos) without relying on a controlled vocabulary. Tagging systems have the potential to improve search, spam detection, reputation systems, and personal organization while introducing new modalities of social communication and opportunities for data mining. This potential is largely due to the social structure that underlies many of the current systems. Despite the rapid expansion of applications that support tagging of resources, tagging systems are still not well studied or understood."

In the paper the authors present two taxonomies of tagging, the first dedicated to design decisions in tagging systems, and the second to the incentives that drive people to tag therein. Some of the important distinctions they found among tagging systems are:
  • Tagging Rights
  • Tagging Support
  • Aggregation
  • Type of Object

In the case of user incentives, the autors have identified the following categories:

  • Future Retrieval
  • Contribution and Sharing
  • Attract Attention
An overview can be found here, the slides here.

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