14 Sep 2006

Preconditions for E-Learning

Before the area of "Personal Learning Environments" and "Social Learning Environments" based on blogs, wikis, Moodle, podcasts and other nice things will come there is an ongoing area of e-learning with an LMS, courseware, interoperability and content standards. But for whom is such an learning environment appropriate? An interesting answer comes from Mike Donoghue in gantthead.com:

  • Individuals who rarely procrastinate
  • People who do well in environments where they don’t have others looking over their shoulders
  • Students that are less in need of the social element
  • Learners that have good reading comprehension skills
  • People that can resist constant distractions
If this list is a precondition for a successful e-learning approach, how large is the target group? And what is needed to be successful in an PLE environment?

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