4 Jun 2006

Five Techniques for Using Web 2.0 to Reinvent the Customer Relationship

Dion Hinchcliffe in SOA WebServices Journal on ways to apply Web 2.0 to building fuller, richer customer relationships:

The theory is that applying these techniques to the enterprise would result in much more vibrant, high-value relationships with customers and even suppliers and partners. Particularly in service industries, Web 2.0's two-way conversations would provide instant feedback, rapid evolution of offerings through co-innovating with the people actually using the products, and even true symbiotic relationships where your customers are also your key suppliers. "

Here is his list:
  • Dramatically Lower the Experience Barrier
  • Collect User (Customer) Contributions
  • Enable Formation of Communities
  • Become an Open Platform
  • Provide Self-Evolving Customer Relationship Management (CRM)

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