23 May 2006

Getting Started with SOA

Phil Windley's write-up from the InfoWorld SOA Executive Forum.

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Thomas Müller said...

The Graham presentation is very nice. I had to smirk during reading. All the stuff from the infrastructure producers follows the same scheme. At first, SOA makes the different to all we have done before. Then there are a lot of good looking figures and diagrams and at last the main message: if you buy the great new infrastructure all your problems will be solved.
But I don't believe that the infrastructure makes the difference. All the propagated "side issues" causing a bewilderment which leads into a disbelieving of the true SOA advantages. Yes, SOA is a hype but there is a great advantage opposite to the former hypes. It's the service in it's proper appliance. But unfortunately (or fortunately) that's not sellable for the large infrastructure companies.
Nevertheless it's funny reading that stuff.