28 Apr 2006

An E-Learning Proposition

Demir Barlas in Line56 on how Skillsoft tries to dig more deeply into the value and importance of e-learning:

"If you think of e-learning as merely Web-enabled courses, you're behind the times. Today's e-learning takes an integrated approach, offering not just courseware but also access to other enterprise systems. "Large organizations have already created portals or leverage ERP [enterprise resource planning] on the desktop," says Jeff Bond, VP of Product Marketing for Skillsoft. "You have to bring the learning where the learner is."

In specific terms, this means Skillsoft is preparing itself to integrate into Microsoft SharePoint and IBM WebSphere Portal environments. Instead of presenting e-learning as just another system competing for space and attention and desktop, Skillsoft wants to appear as a portlet within an enterprise portal when possible, and as a standalone application at other times."

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